What Is The Role Of Foam Packaging in Use


The foam packaging box is made of polymer materials when it is made. It has the advantages of light weight, good heat insulation, and sound absorption. It also has good shock absorption and other characteristics when used. A very good packaging material.

Foam packaging boxes are often seen in our lives. Their low capacity can reduce the weight of the packaging, which can reduce the cost of transportation. It also has good impact performance and good vibration performance. It is used for cushioning and shockproofing. Packaging can greatly reduce product damage, adapt to temperature and humidity changes, stable chemical properties, can meet the requirements of general packaging conditions, convenient molding and processing, and can be made into various foam linings by molding, extrusion, injection and other molding methods Pads, foam blocks, sheets, etc., are easy to perform secondary molding processing, which is one of the very good production equipment.