EPS Line Applicable Scope


The EPS line is composed of demoulded B1 fireproof polystyrene as the main body, pasted with alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, and combined with a special bonding outer protective layer. Now with the continuous development of the building decoration industry, more and more new materials of EPS lines continue to stand out. Its main advantages are that it is not affected by temperature changes, is resistant to cold and heat, and is not affected by humidity and acid rain. EPS decorative lines can be fireproof and will not emit toxic substances. It is an environmentally friendly high-quality decorative building material product.

(1) EPS line European architectural style villas, townhouses, high-rise buildings and other buildings

The main product developed by the EPS line company, EPS light body components, is a new green building material that will dominate exterior wall decoration in the future. EPS lines are a new type of exterior wall decoration lines and components, which can completely replace traditional GRC cement components. It is suitable for installing external wall EPS and XPS insulation walls, which can reflect European, classical, and elegant decoration style. It is very difficult to install cement components, the construction period is long, and over time, there will be disadvantages such as cracks and poor durability.