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About Us

Epscope is a branch office of Hangzhou SUTUAN Machinery ( is a modern company aiming and focusing in manufacture of European standard EPS moulding machinery, specializing in high-end EPS/EPP/ETPU moulding machines. We are most influential manufacturer of EPS/EPP Machinery in the world. To date, Hangzhou SUTUAN Machinery has exported to 108 countries with 50 millions of value about 300 turn-key plants. Especially the annual exported value was 10 millions US dollars in 2021.

Our team consists of top engineers in the industry, aiming to develop machines with high efficiency and stability, long service life with cost-effective price.

Our philosophy comes from the most advanced technology – low pressure moulding and high temperature DE-moulding. A zero tolerance approach to minor faults and strict control over welding and rust prevention. This is why all the SUTUAN’s main components are galvanized and triple welded. SUTUAN machines equipped international component kinds like: Germany GEMU Valve, Japan SMC Solenoid Valves and SIMENS control panel. All of our machines are highly accepted and respected in the worldwide markets.

Especially our golden item: Single minute change of die series that only take 5 minutes for mould change which to greatly reduces time and difficulty of mould replacement, increases productivity and reduces costs.

In terms of resource integration, Epscope is able to supply all the machines and components required for the EPS/EPP production line, completing the supply chain for the convenience of our clients.