EPS Pre-Expander Machine丨EPSCOPE

Do You Know The Performance Of The EPS Pre-Expander Machine? Leading the future green building materials products is our long-standing vision of Hangzhou Sutuan Machinery Co., Ltd. The EPS products of Hangzhou Sutuan Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly include EPS Pre-expander Machine, EPS Block Moulding Machine, EPS Cutting Line, EPS Packing Machine, EPS CNC Cutting Machine, EPS Silo System, EPS Recycling machine, EPS Hot Melting Machine, EPS Cold compactor, etc. Among them, EPS Pre-expander Machine is also one of our company’s trendy products. Hangzhou Sutuan Machinery Co., Ltd. has received an excellent after-sales evaluation of EPS Pre-expander Machine customers for many years. With the development of EPS technology, more and more EPS Pre-expander Machines of different manufacturers appear on the market. So how does the EPS Pre-expander Machine of Hangzhou Sutuan Machinery Co., Ltd. stand out among many production brands?

A notable feature of the polystyrene e produced by EPS Pre-expander Machine is lightweight, easy installation, cold and heat resistance; it is not affected by humid weather and acid rain. Polystyrene is one of the most favourite building materials for architects. It can provide architects with a variety of architectural design elements. Of course, the industry involved in polystyrene is not only the construction industry. We can see EPS Pre-expander Machine being used for production in many places, such as Composite Mouldings.

Foundation Engineering, Packing Inserts, Floor construction for sound and heat insulation, Wall construction, Roof Construction, Prefabricated systems insulating Plasters, Drainage boards, Lightweight concrete. Let’s discuss why the above industries favour expandable polystyrene produced by EPS Pre-expander Machine.


Model unit LF-YF-1100 LF-YF-1500
Overall Size mm 2000*2200*4250 2200*2500*5500
Weight kg 2500 3500
Steam Consumption kg/cycle 5~8 9~13
Air Consumption m³/cycle 1~2 1.5~2.5
Installed power kw 19.5 25.5
Density range 10-38g/l 4-35g/l
Capacity (approx) 12g/l 200-250kg/h 12g/l 520-650kg/h
15g/l 300-320kg/h 15g/l 750-850kg/h
20g/l 400-430kg/h 20g/l 1000-1100kg/h
30g/l 500-550kg/h 30g/l 1200-1400g/h
Barrel body Diameter mm 1100 1500
Height mm 1500 2250
Volume 1.4 4.5
Steam Machine Inlet DN DN50 DN50
Pressure mpa 0.4~0.6 0.4~0.7
Compressed Air Inlet size DN DN25 DN40
Pressure mpa 0.4~0.8 0.4~0.8
Sewage Fan port mm DN80 DN100
Sewage outlet mm DN80 DN80
Agitator Motor Power kw 4 7.5
Tolerance <±3% <±5%