EPS Batch Pre-expander with Recycling System丨EPSCOPE

The Styrofoam Batch Pre-expansion Machine adopts PLC programmable control and touch screen control. After the raw material is added to the inside of the vertical tank, the cold air is removed by steam; while the particles are stirred by the agitator, more steam is added until the required air pressure value is reached. As the level of the expanding material of the particle rises, the particle will be expelled after the degree of expansion of the particle is reached, or the time is used to control the pre-exposure. The pressure in the batch pre-expander exceeds the atmospheric pressure, so the temperature of the steam exceeds 100 degrees.


Model unit LF-YF-1100 LF-YF-1500
Overall Size mm 2000*2200*4250 2200*2500*5500
weight kg 2500 3500
steam consumption kg/cycle 5~8 9~13
air consumption m³/cycle 1~2 1.5~2.5
Installed power kw 19.5 25.5
Density range 10-38g/l 4-35g/l
Capacity (approx) 12g/l 200-250kg/h 12g/l 520-650kg/h
15g/l 300-320kg/h 15g/l 750-850kg/h
20g/l 400-430kg/h 20g/l 1000-1100kg/h
30g/l 500-550kg/h 30g/l 1200-1400g/h
Barrel body diameter mm 1100 1500
height mm 1500 2250
volume 1.4 4.5
steam machine Inlet DN DN50 DN50
pressure mpa 0.4~0.6 0.4~0.7
compressed air  Inlet size DN DN25 DN40
pressure mpa 0.4~0.8 0.4~0.8
sewage Fan port mm DN80 DN100
Sewage outlet mm DN80 DN80
Agitator motor power kw 4 7.5
Tolerance <±3% <±5%