Energy Saving EPS Shape Moulding Machine

Energy Saving Styrofoam Shape Moulding Machine adopts a heat insulation die cavity system to reduce heat loss of die cavity in the heating process and repeated heat wastes and has wide application in the market, which have features of economy, convenient operation and easy maintenance. As the name shows, the machine could save a lot of energy during a year which finally could save the money.

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The accurate control of steam pressure is a key factor of production efficiency.Currently, most of Chinese machines are made of small pipe & valves, thus high-pressure steaming has to be used.

Energy saving machines equip big pipelines and valves, which allows low pressure and big flow of steam while moulding. Enough steam can be supplied in an instant to reduce cycle time and provide excellent production condition.

1.Fully digital PID control to con-trol energy consumption precisely.

2.Multi-spots heatingrealizes most equal distribution of steam in themold chamber.

3.The steam chamber adopts uni-que thermal insulation material to realize mold cavities’ insulation.


Energy Saving EPS Shape Moulding Machine