EPS Stainless Steel Bag Silo

After the eps expansion completing, the demand is matured in the silo, so that the particles can be in contact with the air after the eps expansion. And the equilibrium pressure is established between the air and the interior, so that the pentane content in the particles is kept constant, which is more favorable for eps molding production. Then the design concept of the unmanned factory is to realize the unmanned operation of the whole factory. The curing chamber in the foaming process needs to realize the connection of intelligent control, the automatic curing chamber system can be realized through the set running program.


  • EPS Silo Configuration
  • Feeding box under the bottom (shape molding machine)
  • Discharge valve at the bottom (block molding machine)
  • 5m distance between two lines for piping and ventilation
  • Ensure the good aging effect
  • Extended service life
  • Main structure
  • High-strength nylon material(needn’t be replaced for a long time)
  • The joints and brackets are fixed with copper buckles
  • The stress of the four silo sides is even (stable structure does not shake)
  • A support device at the bottom
  • Professional design guarantees long-term use