Semi Auto Steel Mesh Panel Machine

The semi auto steel mesh panel machine consists of 3D panel master welding machine, steel flat net automatic production line and subsidiary equipment that are used to produce 3D boards. The 3D board produced is mainly used in living room space and public space. It is a kind of natural material, free and convenient, convenient and fast.


  • Light in Weight:its weight only 4kg/m2 , and no more than 110kg/m2 ever after coated with cement on both side.             
  • Large Load-bearing Capacity: a pl- ate of 2.4m in height 1.22m in width, 110mm in thickness with cement co- ating, can bear axially over 74.4kN/m2, and horizontally over 1.95kN/m2.           
  • Heat Insulation and Warmth-keeping: heat –resistance as high as 0.64m2k/w, equaling that of a brick wall of 800mm thick.                
  • Sound Insulation:insulate as much as 45dB voice.
  • Enhance the Useful Area:its thick- ness can be about 110mm with the cement coating, which can enhance the 10~13% of the useful area.