Shoes ETPU Shape Moulding Machine

As a supplier aim for excellent quality and skillful manufacture, we do not only produce shoes ETPU shape moulding machine, but also other types of foam equipment. Because of the constant pursuit of quality, our products are now known for their ease of operation and durability. We would be your reliable partner in China.


  • In order to increase production effi- ciency, precise control of steam pre- ssure is required. In the experiment, the steam pressure of the product in- creased by only 0.02 bar, and the co- oling time increased by 100 s. In the case where most machines are made of small pipes and valves, only high pressure steam can be used to over- come this problem.
  • The machine uses large pipes and valves to achieve low pressure and large steam flow during molding, providing enough steam in the sho- rtest time to reduce cycle times and provide excellent production condi- tions.