EPS CNC Cutting Machine

Foam cutting machine’s advanced CNC cutting software technology can support CNC foam cutting machine to achieve full-time cutting, automatic cutting and efficient cutting. Through software technology, that is, optimizing the cutting control software and automatic perforation cutting process in the numerical control system, the full-time cutting, automatic cutting and high-efficiency cutting of the numerical control cutting machine are realized, and the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the numerical control cutting are effectively improved.


  • Robotadjusts the wire automatically
  • The silk time only 13 minutes (10 times faster than the manual  adjustment of the wire)
  • Automation dues to the high accuracy, shorten the time for producing products
  • Adopting cutting frame vibration cutting
  • The speed can be up to two meters per minute (20kg / m3), which is faster than other eps cutting machine factory.
  • Greatly increasing the machine’s efficiency and the products’ precision
  • Using segmental continuous work
  • Simultaneously place 5 platesat the same time on the cutter
  • The sizeof the product required by the customer can be cut directly