Electronic EPP Shape Moulding Machine

We are supplier for Electronic EPP Shape Moulding Machine. The machine is used for producing EPP, a polypropylene plastic foaming material. It is a high-crystalline polymer material with excellent performance. Its superior performance has become the fastest growing environmentally-friendly new pressure-resistant cushioning material. EPP products have excellent shock absorption performance, high recovery rate after deformation, good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and heat insulation. In addition, their light weight can greatly reduce the weight of articles.


  • The whole machine adopts Q345 high manganese steel welding combination, which has strong stability.
  • In order to improve the anti- corrosion performance, the frame surface is shot blasted and galvanized.
  • The mold base is composed of 4 main rods that can be separately disassembled and replaced, wi- thout disassembling the whole machine.
  • Comprehensive safety barrier to ensure that the working area of the equipment is not accessible