EPS Continuous Pre-expander

We manufacture our styrofoam expander machine with the principle of high quality, high efficiency. The original particles which produced by this machine are uniform and the foam has good fluidity. Even more, there is no bad smell when pre-forming and molding and the EPS pre-expander meets the food-grade requirements and can safely contact daily necessities. Finally, the cells are even and fine, and the appearance of the product is bright and flat.


Model unit LF-YF-1100 LF-YF-1300 LF-YF-1500
Overall Size mm 2000*2200*4250 7400*3200*4800 2200*2500*5500
weight kg 2500 4800 3500
steam consumption kg/cycle 5~8 8~12 9~13
air consumption m³/cycle 1~2 0.6~0.9 1.5~2.5
Installed power kw 19.5 24.92 25.5
Density range 10-38g/l 12-30g/l 4-35g/l
Capacity (approx) 12g/l 200-250kg/h 12g/l 550-600kg/h 12g/l 520-650kg/h
15g/l 300-320kg/h 15g/l 700-800kg/h 15g/l 750-850kg/h
20g/l 400-430kg/h 20g/l 900-1100kg/h 20g/l 1000-1100kg/h
30g/l 500-550kg/h 30g/l 1100-1200kg/h 30g/l 1200-1400g/h
Barrel body diameter mm 1100 1300 1500
height mm 1500 2250 2250
volume 1.4 3.3 4.5
steam machine Inlet DN DN50 DN65 DN50
pressure mpa 0.4~0.6 0.4~0.7 0.4~0.7
compressed air  Inlet size DN DN25 DN40 DN40
pressure mpa 0.4~0.8 0.4~0.8 0.4~0.8
sewage Fan port mm DN80 DN100 DN100
Sewage outlet mm DN80 DN100 DN80
Agitator motor power kw 4     7.5
Tolerance <±3% <±3% <±5%