EPS Sheet Cutting Machine

The EPS Sheet Cutting Machine is welded by high-quality rectangular steel pipe with reasonable structure, firmness, high strength and no deformation. With horizontal, vertical and block cutting device, the motion is smooth and the cutting size is accurate, and any adjustment is possible. Also, the possibility of cutting in three directions is possible. In addition, it has perfect safe system to prevent the accident, all motors will stop when the safety door is open.


  • The machine is welded and combined with special-shaped square tubes
  • It has firm and compact structure, beautiful appearance, and can be freely disassembled and assembled.
  • This is a rugged and convenience machine.
  • The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, large speed regulation range
  • Suitable for slow cutting and fast retracting requirements
  • Guarantee to produce the products requested by customers
  • The machine is equipped with horizontal, vertical and block cutting devices to realize three dimensions cutting of plates.
  • Horizontal and vertical cuts can be performed simultaneously.
  • Able to produce a wide range of cutting requirements at the same time