EPS De-duster Machine

The eps de-duster machine separates the eps blocks at the joints, and after being crushed, the sieved particles are uniform in particle size, full, and less dusty, and are mixed with fresh pre-formed granules to be molded again to form eps products of various specifications. The quality of the final reworked eps product is directly related to the dust of the granules, so it is necessary to use a dust remover. The role of the dust remover is to remove dust and particles from the regrind.


  • The waste foam or the old foam is crushed by a crusher into pieces or a pellet;
  • The pieces or pellet sent to a round- ing machine to knead the crushed foam block or foam particles into a round particle, and the particles pro-duced by the process;
  • The raw materials and dust are sent to the powder separator, and the po- wder particles are separated under vacuum by a separating device with a screw;
  • The separated powder is sent to a fil- tration station for collection, and the available particles are sent to the pro- portional mixing;
  • The mixed raw materials are sent to the raw material cage to wait for the molding of the product.