Vehicle EPP Shape Moulding Machine

We offer great quality, competitively priced Vehicle EPP Shape Molding Machine and other types of foaming equipment. EPP applications are becoming more widespread. IT products, electronic communication equipment, liquid crystal displays, plasma color TVs, precision electronic components, precision instruments and meters have begun to use EPP as a packaging material. Another particularly important application area is the large number of applications in the automotive industry: automotive bumpers, automotive side shock cores, automotive door shock cores, advanced safety car seats, toolboxes, trunks, armrests, underlays, sun visors, instrument panel, etc. (According to statistical data: at present, the average plastic used in each car is 100~130kg, of which about 4~6kg is used for EPP plastic).


  • Car bumper side guard
  • Car bumper knee guard
  • Car bumper seat frame
      • Good energy absorption and impact resistance
      • Core material is light
  • Sun visor
  • Instrument insulation board
  • The door which temperature is easy to rise.
      • Higher heat resistance
      • Suitable for areas with higher operating temperatures
  • Carport and door
  • Car roof
  • Carpet support material
  • Acoustic panels
  • Door lining and luggage rack
      • Good thermal weldability
  • Control box
  • Shock plate
  • Door inner panel energy absorbing protection pad
  • Cushion
  • Headrest and cushion
      • Good thermal processing
Vehicle EPP Shape Moulding Machine
Vehicle EPP Shape Moulding Machine