Packaging EPP Shape Moulding Machine

We supply packaging EPP shape moulding machine with high quality and excellent price and other type of foam equipment. EPP has developed rapidly over the past decade and has become more and more widely used. EPP has been widely used in the packaging industry, especially on the packaging of export products, which has become an irreplaceable packaging for environmental protection. Because of its non-toxicity and high temperature resistance, it is also widely used in food packaging and microwave heating.


Protection Ability:

  • The elasticity of EPP material isvery good
  • The original thickness can be maintained after repeated pressures
  • More resistant to shock and stress
  • The protection of the product is more secure.


  • Many EPP packaging boxes are used for thermal insulation,
  • cold chain packaging
  • food packaging
  • The thermal conductivity is lower than other foam packaging,
  • The temperature is more difficult to lose(high and low temperature)
  • Better guarantee the temperature


  • Strength is safe for internal products
  • Though the EPP material is foamy and flexible
  • Its strength is very good and can even be used on the car bumper
  • It has a better effect on the box.