GPPS Pelletizer and EPS Melter and EPS Cake

The GPPS Pelletizer and EPS Melter and EPS Cake is one of the equipment of recycling machine. Waste plastics can be seen everywhere in daily life. At present, the production of recycled granules can be carried out in the plastics industry, so that these waste plastics can be returned to the plastic production process, and the utilization value can be realized again. Recycled particles can be used for blown film, injection molding, pipette, wire drawing, production of packing tape, extrusion profiles and other related plastic products.


  • The pelletizeris the result of interna-tional advanced technology and met-iculous research upon the actual pro-duction home and abroad.
  • Compact and in good shape, easy and handy operation.

  • This equipment adopts specialized hard gear reducer for extrusion ma-chine, and the screw stem is made from the best 38CrMOAIA alloyed steel processed with nitrogen treat-ment, material feeding-in section is hard alloy steel surface, long dura-bility and operating life.